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Behind the Scenes

Behind every great company there is great purpose, passion and people. Our purpose is to transform our clients into market-leading companies through our technological expertise. Our passion is quality.

Now, we introduce you to the faces behind DevSavant:

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Peña

Daniel is a graduate lawyer from Universidad del Rosario, with a deepening degree in Commercial Law and further studies on M&A and Corporate law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Before joining DevSavant, Daniel worked at the Capital and Securities team at Brigard & Urrutia, one of the leading law firms in Latin America.

In 2020 Daniel co-founded DevSavant with Javier Rojas, Eric Filipek, Francesco Mantica and Sebastian Blandon, a software outsourcing company that provides services exclusively to the portfolio company of Savant Growth, where he currently works as CEO. He then cofounded Ressolve, an AI startup that develops analytics algorithms for speech and text processing.

He speaks for entrepreneurs and MBA students around Latin America and is currently collaborating in the drafting of an MBA study case for the Inalde Business School. He has over seven years of experience advising companies and startups from the legal, strategic, and financial perspective.

Founder and Chief Development Officer

Sebastian Blandon

Former COO at JAYA Company LLC, a software outsourcing company that provides services to companies in US and EU. He has over eight years of experience working as a software engineer for companies and startups from USA, Latam and Europe, helping them build teams and organize software development planning and execution.

Sebastian graduated as an air operations officer from the Antioquia flight academy, with a deepening degree in CS and political Science from Wesleyan Nebraska University. Before joining JAYA, Sebastian worked for companies like Copa airlines, Kawasaki and Gallop. He then went on to lead and co-found JAYA Company.

In 2020 Sebastian co-founded DevSavant with Javier Rojas, Eric Filipek, Francesco Mantica and Daniel Pena, a software outsourcing company that provides services exclusively to the portfolio company of Savant Growth, where he currently works as Chief Development Officer.

Finance Director

Amalia Lopera

Amalia Lopera is a EAFIT University graduate with a degree in Business Administrations and Management, specialized in Project Management.

Prior to being part of the DevSavant family, Amalia led and managed the administrative and financial department for Jaya Co. and Ressolve where her responsibilities included strategic planning and improving the company’s processes. Additionally, her previous experience in event planning and logistics has given her the leadership and management expertise to guide and improve the administrative and financial team at DevSavant.

Amalia is passionate about learning and helping her team grow and achieve all their professional and personal goals. She is an advocate for team work and finds inspiration from different cultures. This has been a key contributor to her team management style and creating sustainable and creative solutions.

Founder and Chief Technological Officer

Juan Jose Gaviria

Juan Jose Gaviria is a Systems Engineer graduated from EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia. Juan José’s career began in Bancolombia, the biggest financial institution in Colombia. After his time in Bancolombia, Juan José partnered up with DevSavant’s current COO, Sebastián Blandón, to provide software development and engineering services to startups around the world. Since then, Juan José has had over 9 years of experience working in software development for companies in USA, LATAM, and Europe.

After their experience with these startups, Juan José co-founded JAYA Company along with Sebastián Blandón. JAYA was a software outsourcing company providing services to companies in the US and EU where Juan José directed the company’s technology-related processes as their Chief Technology Officer.

In 2020, Juan Jose co-founded DevSavant with Javier Rojas, Eric Filipek, Francesco Mantica, Daniel Peña and Sebastián Blandón. DevSavant is a software outsourcing company that provides services exclusively to the portfolio companies of Savant Growth, where he currently works as Chief Technology Officer.

Founder & Managing Partner at
SavantGrowth and DevSavant

Eric Filipec

Eric earned his undergraduate business degree at Wharton as well as a National Champion crew title. Early in his career, Eric joined a mid-market M&A advisory firm. “It was an amazing time to be in tech banking, the high-speed plumbing for the Internet was booming, companies with no revenue were being bought as a multiple of analog designers, we were doing a deal a month, if not more.” But some businesses he represented were bootstrapped founders who had bet their fortunes on a shoestring. How these companies achieved so much from so little fascinated Eric. It strongly influenced his move to private equity.

Eric’s proudest career achievement has been his work as Managing Director at Kennet for the past 20 years. He relishes in the “swing” of creating value vicariously through the entrepreneurs he invests in, most recently focusing on founder-led B2B SaaS software companies that leverage AI to automate business processes along the customer lifecycle.

Founder & Managing Partner at
SavantGrowth and DevSavant

Javier Rojas

Javier’s passion for sailing runs deep. “It’s tough to beat the combination of an experienced crew, working together, leveraging the latest technology to best navigate a complex route with ever-changing winds and currents,” says Javier. “We believe growth investing is on a similar course. We are just starting to scratch the surface of the impact data science will have on this business.”

Helping founder-entrepreneurs effectively navigate uncharted waters to drive growth and build market-leading companies is what fuels Javier. He spent his career coaching founders of bootstrapped businesses on how to achieve high value outcomes. His vision for a data-driven growth equity firm goes beyond traditional capital and coaching, leveraging technology and tech-enabled support resources to support the portfolio. Savant Growth’s proprietary software and services platform pushes the envelope on what even the largest PE firms provide with respect to operational leverage.

The investment model and fund platform for Savant Growth was developed over a 20-year period while Javier led Kennet Partners’ US investment activities. During this time, he focused on working with bootstrapped founders and serial entrepreneur teams to invest and help companies grow from $10 to $100M in revenue. Earlier in his career, Javier ran the West Coast software and services practice for Broadview, a mid-market tech M&A firm that he helped grow from $10M in fee income to almost $300M over a span of 11 years. Before that, he founded a fintech software company and gained international experience in corporate finance and capital markets at Morgan Stanley in New York and London. Javier holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and a BS/BA in Finance and Computer Science from Georgetown University. He speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys working with different cultures. When not at work, Javier enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay with colleagues and friends, forever dreaming of how to chart the course between the next great vision and flawless execution.

Founder & Managing Partner at
SavantGrowth and DevSavant

Francesco Mantica

Going above and beyond to make things happen—both big and small–is Francesco Mantica’s approach to providing value add for founders. Francesco heads Savant Growth’s deal sourcing, operations, and investment due-diligence process.

“It’s about putting yourself in founders’ shoes,” he says. “I believe that to truly help portfolio companies, not only do we need to help guide their strategic vision, we also must get into the weeds and trenches with them. Leveraging data insights is a great weapon to help our founders operate more efficiently, scale at a faster clip, evaluate, and take forward action on the most effective strategies.”

After 13 years in technology and SaaS investing, Francesco recognizes the hard work does not stop post-due diligence. He believes the key to delivering value to portfolio companies also means going beyond AI and data analytics. By providing practical solutions to day-to-day operations bottlenecks, Savant Growth’s founder-led portfolio companies can immediately reduce the time spent on tactical nuts-and-bolts and managing every last detail.
“Our team allows founders to immediately free up valuable mind space and focus on growing their businesses.”
In addition to his investment experience, Francesco has helped support Savant Growth portfolio company, Conversica, in product management and business development roles. He started his career at Kinetic Networks where his client was Google. Francesco holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

When not working, Francesco relishes his time with friends and family. He believes strongly in immersion travel and gravitates toward the ocean—especially deep-sea fishing. “The thrill of the chase can be just as rewarding as a big catch… this reminds me of the relentless spirit of our bootstrapped-founders.”