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Since the birth of DevSavant (and ever since the JAYA Company days), every team member has contributed to create what we call the DevSavant Vibe.
What is the DevSavant Vibe, you may ask?

Well, at DevSavant we are all about authenticity. We work hard, we trust each other, we support each other, we lift each other up when we are down, and we embrace each other’s differences.

As a diverse and multicultural team we’ve worked together to create a space where everyone can be themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. We have team members from all over the world: Colombia, Mexico, Chile, USA, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Sweden and more! Our diversity and our common love for technology and innovation allows us to approach every challenge with creative solutions and provide the best service to our clients.

As proud members of DevSavant, we’ve established a set of beliefs or core values that determine how we join forces and continue killing it at our jobs:


At DevSavant we are passionate about technology and quality. This motivator is what drives us to always give our 100% in everything we do; fostering a culture of excellence and expertise.


By fostering an environment of transparency and accountability, we are able to have a better visibility of our work, update our processes with best practices and create a stronger bond between our team members; guaranteeing services above the industry standards through a reliable team of experts.


Every member of the DevSavant team is made of top-of-the-industry talent. By hiring the best of the best, we make sure that the needs of our clients are handled in an effective, efficient and sustainable way; enhancing productivity and offering well informed and creative solutions.

Team Work

What makes our team strong is our ability to trust and support each other, understanding that each of us is a key component to a well-oiled-machine. This mentality is what has allowed us to create synergy with our clients’ teams; creating the perfect conditions for collaboration.


We at DevSavant are all about thinking big. Our team never settles for good – we strive for great. We challenge ourselves and each other to always find game-changing solutions to address our client’s needs. This way of life inspires curiosity and empowers our team to make bold moves.


Every member of DevSavant has helped structure a work environment that enables each person to achieve their maximum potential and be their truest selves. We are a company that values individual expression, diversity of opinion, freedom of communication, creativity, and respect for each other’s opinions, ideas and feelings.


You too can be part of our squad!

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