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Our Story

The Tale of DevSavant

DevSavant Inc. was born in July of 2018 with the purpose of supporting Savant Growth’s mission to accelerate it’s partner’s growth and transform their SaaS companies into capital-efficient, market-leading companies. Formerly known as JAYA Company, DevSavant Inc. has a team of over 100 tech leaders, stack engineers, project managers and developers dedicated to support Savant Growth’s portfolio companies through software development and consulting services, process and workflow automation for all functional areas, and the customer-oriented Bar Program.

At DevSavant, our passion is Quality

Why quality?

Great ideas are the fuel for good products. But through quality-focused management, we can make products go from good to great. Quality is the secret sauce to creating and maintaining a long-term revenue cycle because companies are able to increase customer satisfaction; retaining customers and reducing the cost of faulty features.

Here are some examples of how we translate this quality-focused mentality to our stakeholders:

Since our company was born, we’ve focused on creating an environment that improves the quality of life of every member of the DevSavant family. Our structure and culture allows every person to learn and improve their skills, grow within the company, and have their ideas and opinions heard and materialized.

Through our years of experience and certified team of tech experts, we provide our clients and partners with a unique service while protecting their intellectual property; exceeding industry standards and redefining quality assurance.

As part of Savant Growth group, we are committed to our goal of transforming the concept of smart capital in the SaaS industry. The DevSavant solution allows our partner companies to have access to the top-tier services and consulting; allowing them to focus on expanding their business, while we focus on improving the quality of their products.



Since the birth of DevSavant (and ever since the JAYA Company days), every team member has contributed to create what we call the DevSavant Vibe.

What is the DevSavant Vibe, you may ask?

Well, at DevSavant we are all about authenticity. We work hard, we trust each other, we support each other, we lift each other up when we are down, and we embrace each other’s differences.

As proud members of the DevSavant family, we’ve established a set of beliefs or core values that determine how we join forces and continue killing it at our jobs:




Team Work



Our passion is simple


The DevSavant Vibe is a way of life: We love technology, we love our jobs, we have BBQ parties and celebrations at the Jaya House, we debate whether Naruto is better than Goku (always a hot topic), we share spaces to learn English and Japanese thanks to our very own teacher, we have great synergy when working on project together (which also applies to our League of Legends squads), we vibe to the latest reggaeton and EDM, we share a brew when we successfully finish a challenging task and we give our 100% in everything we do.

As a diverse and multicultural team we’ve worked together to create a space where everyone can be themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. We have team members from all over the world: Colombia, Mexico, Chile, USA, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Sweden and more! Our diversity and our common love for technology and innovation allows us to approach every challenge with creative solutions and provide the best service to our clients.

These values and beliefs have been the fuel to our success and encourage our team members to continue leading with empathy, integrity and creativity.

You too can be part of our squad! Apply now to our open positions in the jobs tab.