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Mission control for your operations

Our in-house team of 100+ software developers and operations experts
at DevSavant are exclusively dedicated to SG portfolio companies. We provide product development AI enablement and data-warehousing

About DevSavant and the Savant Group

DevSavant provides comprehensive technology solutions to our portfolio companies. Our data scientists and developers are experts in the fields of data analytics, software development and AI. DevSavant’s engineers work across the spectrum of full-stack technology solutions for the B2B SaaS industry, helping you growing company tackle its toughest challenges and giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most, the future of your business.

We benefit from the support of our sister companies, SaleSavant and SavantGrowth. The SaleSavant software suite and team of data analysts take our portfolio company’s sales efforts to a new level while SavantGrowth provides growth capital, strategic guidance, financial support and networking to the group. Together we craft holistic solutions to meet your toughest challenges.


Our client’s needs drive our work pipeline. Here are some sample project types:

Full Stack Development

We are system architects working across the technology stack to develop scalable high-quality solutions for your business.

Data Analytics

We take your raw data and transform it to create actionable tools, to help you find valuable insights, which have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence

We use deep learning and machine learning tools to craft user-friendly tools and to find new patterns in your data.

Business Intelligence

We use the latest technologies to extract data and report it through interactive dashboards to take business decisions.

DevSavant is brought to you by Savant Growth. SG provides growth capital, and helps accelerate your sales, marketing, and insights efficiently using SaleSavant, and scale your operations with DevSavant. The technology and services are exclusive to portfolio companies.